I offer fully transparent and fully automated binary options trading system. I do not present fake information or falsificate my robot profitability results (as is often the case with similar presentations).

About My Service and My Trading Experience

Real Binary Options Robot service is administered by company Insilico Media d.o.o., which is an EU registered company for internet marketing and technology services.

Our main field of work is the development of web-based trading systems. We have over 6 years of experience with various types of online trading systems with the focus on binary options trading.

Personally, I am an experienced binary options trader and technical analyst. I have been running a few online trading blogs and a trading video channel for several years.

Recently I started re-shaping my profitable trading strategies and systems and forming them into public services ( being one of these services), where I offer fully automated binary options trading solution(s).

Real Binary Options Robot is a product based on over six years of trading experience and three years of dedicated development. My general intention is to offer you a transparent and fully automated service that makes money for you on autopilot for a reasonable monthly subscription.

My main goal is to make you long-term profitable and keep you subscribed to my service.

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